WeHelpUkrainians is a non-profit organisation launched in February 2022
to deliver lifesaving humanitarian aid to victims of the war in Ukraine.

Our work is based on the personal initiative and activity of dozens of dedicated volunteers from different parts of the world as well as trust and support endowed by individuals, business networks and Ukrainian institutions.

Our collection point is based in Kensington, London. It accepts online deliveries and personal donations and has easy access for transport and loading.
Our long-term strategy:
The outlook for the Ukrainian population and economy is bleak and the negative economic shock of the war will be severe.

Remote sensing of the most damaged areas of Europe's second biggest country is starting to tell a compelling picture of the scale of destruction to residential neighbourhoods, critical infrastructure including health care, transportation corridors, schools and shopping areas.

It will take enormous resources, and a great deal of time, to rebuild what has been and will be destroyed in the conflict. Besides continuing with the deliveries, we plan to start working on other critical needs, providing crucial support to refugees and contributing to the reconstruction of schools and hospitals in Ukraine.
Volunteers are lifeblood of WeHelpUkrainians.

We are privileged to have the support of over 55 wonderful and incredibly dedicated people who make us the unique organisation we are.

As we expand our activities and channels of communication we continue to constantly rely on our volunteers in every single aspect of our work and we simply couldn’t do what we do without them.
Volunteering is a way of joining in and making a difference. Please do contact us to find out about the current opportunities.

And if you already volunteer with us thank you so much.
Your efforts are helping people through one of the most difficult times they have ever faced.

OUR VolUnteers

Eka V
co-founder of WeHelpUkrainians
Eka is the co-founder of WeHelpUkrainians. She is from St Petersburg, Russia. She is half Georgian and part of her family was forced from Abkhazia in the 90s. Her father moved to Kyiv and has once again been forced to relocate due to Russia’s aggression.
Marim Hart
co-founder of WeHelpUkrainians
Marina is the co-founder of WeHelpUkrainians. She is from Bila Tserkva, Ukraine, from where her family has been forced to relocate due to the war
James Hart
Mangalakara fund
James is the founding partner of one of Ukraine’s leading law firms. He advises the government of Ukraine and sits on the board of Mangalakara, a large education center providing education to poor and destitute children. He is also on the board of the Alliance for Public Health in Ukraine, one of the country’s largest charities.
Kelly Price
Mangalakara fund
Kelly is the founder of Agreed, a startup that reduces reliance on harmful practices in agriculture. She sits on the board of Mangalakara.
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