We use various secure delivery options: vans, trains, and ferries. Our coordinators supervise each step of the delivery to provide the fastest and most effective transportation available directly to recipients.

Our vans reach the Ukrainian border and transfer the aid to our Ukrainian partners’ vans. In a very short period, we have managed to set up a secure and reliable delivery network across all of Ukraine.

We also deliver part of our aid by vans to Warsaw and Przemyśl in Poland, from which it is transported by train to dozens of cities in Ukraine. We carefully monitor these deliveries with the support of a reliable network of volunteers and railway authorities.

Once the train reaches its destination, our volunteers take delivery at the railway station and transport it by vans directly to the final destination.

We also have a storage facility in Rzeszów (Poland) to store our deliveries in case Ukrainian vans are delayed.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Politics of Ukraine we are able to use ‘green corridors’ for the deliveries which makes the logistics easier and more secure.
We regularly deliver humanitarian aid to:

➡Volunteer organisation DVO

➡ Charity foundation “Nebo”

➡ Volunteer organisation “Atom”

➡ Volunteer organisation “Zarady Peremogy”

➡ Volunteer organisation “Zahist peremogi”

➡ Kharkiv Railway Clinical Hospital #2

➡ Kharkiv Regional Hospital

➡ Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology of the AMS of Ukraine

➡ Civilians


➡ Charity foundation “Zoopatrul”

➡ Charity foundation “The right to life”

➡ Charity foundation “Capital of Great People”

➡ Charity foundation “Art Saved Life”

➡ Central Polyclinic of the Ministry of the Internal Affair

➡ Children’s clinical hospital No. 7, Pechersky district

➡ Civilians


➡ Charity foundation “Kiddo”

➡ Charity foundation “Country defence foundation”

➡ Social organisation “Organisation Build Ukraine Together” ➡ Mechnikov Hospital

➡ Charity foundation “Ty ne odna”

➡ Charity foundation “Happy kid”

➡ Charity foundation “Spilno dia”

➡ Tavriiska Psychoneurological Boarding school with Geriatric Department

➡ Refugees and civilians

➡ Charity foundation “Merezhyvo”

➡ Civilians

Lviv/ Odesa/ Bila Tserkva / Novomoskovsk
➡ Municipal non-profit enterprise “Lviv Territorial medical Union “Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital of Emergency and Intensive Care”
➡ Municipal institution of Lviv regional council “Velikyi Liubin special general boarding school of III degrees

➡ Public movement “Faith. Hope. Love

➡ Policlinic of Bila Tserkov City Hospital #1
➡ City center for primary health care #1
➡ City council of Bila Tserkva

➡ Charity foundation “Ukrainian rescue”
➡ Charity foundation “Dobri Dela”
➡ Refugees and civilians
Lozova/ Mykolaiv/ Nizhyn/ Ivano-Frankivsk
➡ Communal non-commercial enterprise "Loziv Territorial Medical Association" of Loziv City Council

➡ City hospital #1
➡ Social organisation “Dopomoga_e”
➡ Civilians

➡ Nizhyn orphanage boarding school

➡ Council of Kosiv districk
Chernivtsi/ Yaremche/ Berdiansk / Kherson region/ Chernihiv/ Borodyanka/ Fastiv/ Bucha/ Irpin/ Slavutich
➡ City council
➡ Chernivtsi Regional Fund “Podarui Dytyni Zhyttia”

➡ Volunteer organization “Kinderland”

➡ Civilians
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